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Legal Document Preparation Services


If a case is of the hundreds of types of non-criminal lawsuits, odds are, its belongs in civil court.

Living Trust

Although daunting, estate and will documents are among the easier documents to write up on your own, given the appropriate legal direction.

These documents are an important part in determining who will get legal rights to your belongings after you pass.


Evictions can prove very costly and difficult. We will help with the preparation, filing, and serving of all of the legal documents necessary to see the process through from beginning to end.


One of the most common case types in the United States falls under the category of Family Law. Also called matrimony law, family law covers family matters and domestic relations, including marriage, divorce, adoption, juvenile adjunction, and paternity testing.


Notaries are an essential part of officiating legal documents by having an impartial trained legal specialist oversee the signing and processing of the paperwork to ensure it’s done legally and correctly.

More Services

There are many different types of other services and legal documents we can help you prepare and submit. You don’t ever have to feel alone again when you are trying to navigate the wide open sea that is know as the legal system.

Since 2008

About Us

We here at 911 Legal Documents have over 12 years of experience in legal document assistance. Registered and bonded in Los Angeles County, we provide legal document assistance from start to finish. We are a proud member of California Association of Legal Document Assistants (CALDA) and proudly serve the Southern California area.




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