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Unlawful Detainer Specialist

German Laguna


German Laguna is a member of our 911 Legal Documents Team who we are proud to call our Unlawful Detainer Specialist. German originally pursued a career as a social worker as he has a passion for helping those in need, but soon discovered his passion for the Unlawful Detainer portion of the law. German has now been working in the Unlawful Detainer field for over six years and loves helping landlords protect their property. Not only does German work with landlords, he also helps tenants who have been wrongly evicted or have any legal issues with their landlords in order to protect the place they call home. The root of German’s passion is in helping others and he understands that the eviction process can be an extremely stressful time in the lives of his clients. For this reason, German’s goal with every client is to patiently walk them through the eviction process and use his vast knowledge of the eviction process to find the best outcome for his client.

German has extensive experience working against opposing counsel represented by defense attorneys like BASTA, Public Counsel, Eviction Defense Network and more. German’s experience also includes opposing motions and bankruptcy proceedings that are intended to delay his clients. This experience has made German an expert at making sure his clients are served in the most timely manner possible with the best outcome possible. In all, German’s broad realm of experience has made him a valuable asset to our company and the clients we serve. We are proud to call him a member of our team and we feel confident that any client with Unlawful Detainer needs will find success working with German.

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