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About 911 Legal Documents

Marybel Trevino was born in California, but appreciates the fact that both her mother and grandmother always spoke to her in Spanish, making Marybel bilingual, which has been a great asset to her business here in Los Angeles.

Marybel has been a Legal Document Assistant, or LDA, for 10 years. She has always been a “People Person,” with an affinity for conversing with anyone, anywhere. She was actually thrown into this industry while working with another LDA to help an attorney keep her business afloat.

A quick learner, Marybel found that the high speed and pressure of the legal environment was exhilarating and decided to become a paralegal. She later joined the California Association of Legal Document Assistance, or CALDA, in order to continue her education and vocation. In 2010, she opened her own business: 911LegalDocument Solutions.

This business decision was motivated by a desire to provide a service that she felt was invaluable to those who lacked the monetary resources to obtain needed legal services, or the time to spend in court. She realized that she had the training, experience, and passion in order to assist those self-represented litigants with their document preparations, from filing to serving, without the large expense of either time or money.

Though it’s been a decade since she was first introduced to this community, she still loves everything about the job and finds the utmost fulfillment in hearing the heartfelt gratitude given to her by many of her clients. Even more so when she meets new clients who were referred to her by those satisfied individuals.

Her membership with CALDA requires her to renew her registration annually and allows her to take relevant classes, attend seminars, and network with other LDAs, even LDAs from other countries. All of this contributes to her growth in knowledge, experience, and training as a successful LDA.

Due to the joy she feels when working with people, she enjoys any and every type of case that is covered by 911LegalDocuments and welcomes all inquiries. Even when she is not working on a case, she works to expand her education in the legal field, recognizing the fact that it is always changing and there is no shortage to resources from which to draw knowledge.

Personally, Marybel loves the small business aspect of 911LegalDocuments because it gives her the chance to work one on one with all of her clients, who remain the inspiration to her all of her efforts.

For those self-represented litigants unfamiliar with their rights as Californians, Marybel recommends “The Encyclopedia for Everyday Law in California.” For more resource recommendations and a consultation for affordable and experienced legal documentation services, contact Marybel and 911LegalDocuments today! They are the number one alternative to an attorney!